Friday, May 8, 2015

Clegg, Milliband and Farage Must Go Now!

Clegg, Milliband and Farage Must Go Now!

As predicted, when they formed the Alliance with the Conservatives, Clegg has destroyed his Party for his own political gain. Ironic that he has kept his Westminster seat when most of his colleagues have lost theirs. The Lib Dems have been decimated and it will take a generation to recover - if they ever do.

Milliband has failed his Party. He and Ed Balls have failed to persuade the electorate that they were heading a winning team. Milliband lacks charisma, and was too closely allied to the failed Blair's 3rd term. A new leader is required.

Farage, must also go. Not only has he failed to win his own seat (which he has fought 6 times- despite more publicity than any other local candidate could hope to achieve), but his Party have won just 1 seat (and that was because Carswell has a personal following far beyond Party Political boundaries). 

So despite Leading UKIP for the past 10 years and being its de-facto leader in the previous 10 years, UKIP has won no legitimate seats  of its own account. A miserable failure in National Politics for over 20 years - proving they are just a protest Party. Look what the SNP have achieved in considerably less time. They did this by focussing, targeting and having a non-racist type policy and fighting legitimately for their own people and not for the financial benefits that their elected officials could draw.

So goodbye, Nick; Goodbye Ed and Goodbye Nigel - bow out and disappear and let others lead your parties to success.

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