Monday, January 26, 2009

We are back and a brief Update re UKIP.

Well, its been almost 6 weeks since our last posting, and we wish to apologise to our readers for this delay.

Firstly, the whole team were focussed on such a major political project, we became somewhat distracted from the goings-on at UKIP. Also, fully aware that Junius and GL-W's various blogsites would be carrying up to date info, we knew that readers were not going to be 'left out in the cold'.

In summary:

The Judicial Review result has not gone well for UKIP, with the matter being referred back to the original judge to effectively amend his decision. Our lawyers advise that the logical out come, is that the whole donation from Mr Alan Bown is forfeit, and the grey area rests with the division of costs;

Both Dr Eric Edmond and Dr David Abbott have been ejected from the NEC for what, one can only assume, is as punishment for attempting to call the Leadership to Account;

Members will be asked to vote on changes to the Constitution giving almost absolute power to The Party Leader on matters which would normally be the province of 'The Disciplinary Committee';

It is believed that 'Libertas' is likely to launch in the UK in early February, with members already chosen to stand in the South East. This will seriously place Nigel Farage MEP in considerable difficulty, especially bearing in mind, it is quite possible that recently expelled ex-UKIPers may also stand against him. With UKIP's record of poor electoral results under Mr Farage's leadership, it would prove somewhat ironic, if he too were to lose his seat;

Finally, there are strong rumours afoot that the South West are going to declare 'Independence' from UKIP should Nigel Farage attempt to remove/replace Trevor Coleman MEP from the top of the European 'list'. It is common knowledge that the Leader wants to see Gawain Towler (whom many regard as Nigel's 'puppet and devoid of self-will) placed as Number One. However, certain recent revelations concerning his private affairs, may prevent this from happening.

All in all, an interesting few weeks, with political manouvers apparently taking up the time the Leadership has available and, what has now become, the laughable and discredited NEC.

More to follow, especially with regards to certain issues coming to light concerning UKIPs Leadership.