Monday, May 31, 2010

Prescott to Accept Peerage

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has announced that he will accept a Peerage offered under the 'Dissolution Honours'.

He said on the Radio 4's Today Programme that he is accepting the Peerage because he 'wants to influence environmental policy'.

Mmmm did he not say in the past that he would not follow the likes of Neil Kinnock into the Lords (who himself disparaged its existence until he was offered a Peerage).

Its remarkable how these people change their views the minute the 'reward' is offered to them.

O well, we only have ourselves to blame for electing them in the first place.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Laws was right to resign regardless of how talented he may be.

At Last David Laws did the right thing and resigned.

Our previous blog reveals the circumstances.

Let every politician beware - we the public are watching them; and any hypocrisy, any dishonesty or any misleading of the public, should, and MUST, result in their departure.

Only then will the public begin to respect the political process and the people within it, once more.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Why Laws Must GO NOW!!!

We are not going to pass comment on David Laws sexuality.

We are not even going to pass comment as to whether we think that David Laws has cost the taxpayer more or less money by claiming for his accomodation, the way that he has.

We are not even going to pass comment on the Liberal Democrats Election Campaign against the Parliamentary expenses scandal.

What we will pass comment on however, is the way in which Laws is wriggling to attempt to save his political skin.

'But the rules remain unambiguous: MPs are forbidden from "leasing accommodation from a partner". Laws's defence currently relies on a highly technical definition of partner that may not satisfy either parliament or the media.

In his statement last night he said: "Although we were living together we did not treat each other as spouses. For example we do not share bank accounts and indeed have separate social lives." '
(New Statesman 29th May 2010)

Sorry David, your story seems too far fetched. Some of us lived with our spouses and also did not share bank accounts and generally had separate social lives, especially when working in the media or politics.

You should do the honourable thing and say, you made a mistake and for the sake of your Party and the Coalition you resign immediately.

When will the day come when politicians will start thinking about others instead of themselves?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is the EU Single Currency Truth now being told?

“Nobody ever told the proverbial man in the street that sharing a single currency was not just about making peoples' lives easier when doing business or travelling abroad, but also about being directly affected by economic developments in the neighbouring countries.”

“Today, people are discovering what a 'common destiny' in monetary matters means. They are discovering that the euro affects their pensions, savings, and jobs, their very daily life. It hurts."

EU President Herman Van Rompuy

So, the people of Europe are now beginning to be told the truth. A single currency will affect peoples lives far wider than just the exchange rate benefit that was originally proffered.

Those of us who study these things knew it was a disaster waiting to happen.

Lets see these events unfold.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UKIP Troops are rounding on Lord Pearson - they should also encircle Farage Too.

We recently speculated that Lord Pearson has resigned from UKIP but is keeping the resignation quiet for the time being.

We now hear of secret meetings being held by UKIP members to discuss (and rightfully condemn) his policy of supporting other Parties in the General Election.

Mike Nattrass MEP appears to be leading the revolt, but we are advised that a number of  'NO  Confidence' votes are being scheduled throughout the Country over the next 2 weeks.

However, people seem to  forget that the policy Pearson was following was originally suggested and endorsed by Farage.

People also seem to forget that Farage championed Lord Pearson as Leader, making it clear that the other candidates (some of his own MEPS) were not 'up to the job'.

When Pearson goes, then so should Farage too.

That will be the first step on UKIPs road to recovery - but a long road it will be.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Next Labour Leader is : Miliband of Course !!!

Well, while Cameron and Clegg enjoy their honeymoon period and stare lovingly into each others eyes, a more down to earth and poigniant relationship is under way.

The next Labour leader will be a Miliband - the question is Ed or Dave? The other contenders do not come close and Balls appears as smug on camera as Portillo did in the old Tory Party days (though Portillo appears more acceptable now he is out of office).

The brothers have to beware. Each of them are equally ambitious and have their own strengths, but they must not damage each other to win the contest.

In our view, it won't make any difference who wins - as Labour will not be governed by the Leadership any more but by its own internal interested parties - and especially the Trade Unions - despite what is said in front of the camera.

Deals are being done for support, and it will cost the brothers dearly. However, if your whole life has been centred upon becoming Prime Minister (as Cameron has) you are likely to submit to any cost to achieve that goal. Whoever wins, and if the public ever trust Labour again, we will have another couple staring blissfully at each other and back slapping at the front of No 10.

Todays politicians have little conviction, and as we have seen with the expenses scandal, are bought off very cheaply. Its a shame and a disgrace, but interesting to watch nevertheless!

Monday, May 24, 2010

£6.2 bn in cuts - mmmm good start but not enough!!!

We have today seen the Chancellor announce cuts in Public Spending of a little over £6bn  to take effect almost immediately.

However, the Government really needs to cut expenditure by at least ten times that figure. £6bn only just covers the interest charge on the deficit.

There will undoubtedly be a knock on effect:

Increase in unemployment
Reduction in Public Services
Potential delay in economic growth

The benefits are:

Increase in International Confidence that UK is dealing with debt problem
Fends off an attack by the Ratings Agencies of the UK debt - thereby reducing interest rates payable

However, when the next tranche of cuts arrive we shall be able to judge the relationship of the cuts in the Public Sector vs any growth in the Private Sector.

For us, the important cut is the reduction in Ministerial Cars, meaning most Ministers will have to rely on public transport. We look forward to them joining the real world as human beings, outside their rarified bubble of privilege and unreality.

BNPs Leader - Nick Griffin MEP to stand down in 2013

The BNP have issued the following statement:

The British National Party’s Advisory Council (AC) and other key figures of the party’s structure have completed a weekend of forward planning to overhaul and modernise the party as Nick Griffin MEP announced his intention to step down as leader by the end of 2013 to concentrate on his re-election campaign to the European Parliament.

We thought the BNP were against UK membership of the EU, and here we have its Leader wanting to focus on being re-elected. This is exactly what has happened at UKIP and the Tories in the Scottish and Welsh Assemblies/Parliaments.

Shame on them All!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Has UKIPs Leader Resigned?

We must add, this is only supposition at the moment.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Lord Pearson has resigned his leadership of UKIP and is hiding at Rannock on his Perthshire Estate, hoping no doubt, to be able to hide in a cloud of volcanic ash and not be able to fly back.

If this is the case, the difficulty is, who will replace him?

It may prove difficult for Farage to return as everyone realises that the policy of trying to help the Tories at the General Election was his - a repeat of the battle he had with Natrass and others at the previous General Election. (He may also not wish to be tainted should UKIP declare Bankruptcy after the Appeal hearing next month) but he must still control the Party. They surely would not want an election at this stage in case the wrong person wins.

We believe, that as Deputy Leader, Farage sock-puppet (No. 2) David Bannerman will be annointed as caretaker. If the ship sinks, he will be seen to have been at the helm. If successful, they may keep him in post, or more likely front someone more appealing and charismatic as Leader next year.

Either way, no real change at the top.

Is Sterling the Next Target?

We have seen the effect that market rumour, coupled with the activities of currency speculators and Hedge Funds have had on the Euro recently.

A cynic may speculate that a potentially weak currency whose country is experiencing some political turmoil is deliberately targetted by these people/institutions to make a few, or even tens, of Billions of dollars in speculative gains.

We are FREE MARKET supporters, but DO NOT accept that such markets should be allowed to be hijacked or manipulated in this way - as the only beneficiaries are a small handful of people.

We remember how George Soros made over a Billion Dollars back in the 90's betting against sterling. Since then, Institutions have refined the model, and, as we understand, have created a degree of market manipulation to enable even more vast profits to be made.

We believe Sterling is next.

The UK has: a relatively weak economy; a fragile New political alliance; committed itself to major Banking Reform; produced vast quantities of 'pounds' under the heading of 'quantitative easing'.

The budget deficit and potentially declining trade with Europe (due to the high value of sterling compared to the Euro)- our biggest export market, will be the excuse spread throughout International Markets.

These speculators are moving from Zone to Zone, so don't be surprised, and remember where you heard it first!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are UKIP MEPs Banking on the Bankruptcy of the Party?

In early June the Appeal Court will decide whether the judgement made against UKIP concerning illegal donations is upheld or not.

If it is, UKIP could be facing a bill of around £1,000,000

We believe that with the departure of Stuart Wheeler, UKIP is unlikely to be able to pay the debt.

It has been suggested to us by Finance experts that the logical course of action is to allow the Party to go bust and then repurchase it from the Receiver at a 'knockdown' price

Now, we don't know whether the Electoral Commission would allow this (or can even stop it).

This has led us to speculate, whether UKIP MEPs have raised the money or not, they may let the Party fail owing significant debts and then repurchase it again. They may have to use a 'front man or woman' in order to distance themselves from it, thereby claiming no manipulation.

We would suggest that any other interested Parties should consider making the purchase themselves, and prevent the hapless, (and in our view), incompetent, existing MEPS to return; but to use the brand to develop a New re-invigorated Party with new people and a New UK Agenda based on winning seats through Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning as opposed to the current non-strategy of fighting all seats and squandering resources.

We await with interest.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did Clegg and Cameron have a choice?

Many Liberal Democrats meeting today were upset about the alliance with the Conservatives.

We ask the question however, did they have any choice?

The Party - Yes - but Clegg - No.

Under Clegg's leadership the Party lost seats. There were rumblings about replacing him. This alliance has, in our opinion saved his bacon.

Take the Tories, failing to obtain an overall majority - despite a long serving unpopular Government and a hapless, uninspiring, unelected sitting Prime Minister.

If they had failed to form a Government, Cameron, (we believe) was finished.

The 2 "twins" fate were entwined.

Now we have a Government where the Lib Dems will be absorbed by the Conservative Party providing Great Britain with a 2 Party State again. (Some conspiracy theorists believe we are in a 1 Party state and this is the conduit to formalise it).

The British people have been conned again. Please no-one mention UKIP. Our view is that UKIP is a Shadow Tory Party running to enrich a few select people and providing a depository for disenchanted Tories.
These êx-Tories (Eurosceptics) have been coralled into a Party, which
has zero chance of making any headway because of the unbelievable antics of its leadership. So their impact is neutralised.

Only when another Party comes along, with strong financial backing, an Incorruptable Leader, (not from the Political or Eton/Oxbridge Class) can the British people trust in Politics again.

The question is, does such a Person/Party exist?

Friday, May 14, 2010

UKIP MEPs are Revolting!!!

A quick review of the UKIP and anti UKIP blogs reveal that some UKIP MEPs are Revolting.

We understand that emails are circulating written by Mike Natrass and others heavily criticising the leadership of Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage for their General Election strategy and post election publicity.

It appears that boasting that UKIP has attracted a significant number of Tory Votes, thereby preventing Cameron from obtaining an overall majority in his own right, presents UKIP as a depository for disillusioned Tories; thereby alienating potential Labour supporters.

We have a tendency to agree.

But then thinking through what he says has never been a strong point of Nigel Farage nor, it appears, his sock-puppet Pearson.

We await developments.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron is Prime Minister - UKIP Leadership Has failed its Members

Well at last the Conservatives have won power again after persuading the British Public (well a third of them) that they are no longer "The Nasty Party".

Cameron (an old Etonian) is Prime Minister - the youngest since 1812.

Once again we see the elite hand over power from one member to another.

They have also infiltrated UKIP - we don't want Lords running UKIP, we don't want Drunks and Immoral fools running UKIP we don't even want failed Tory MPs running UKIP. We have had enough of these types.

UKIP should have gained seats at this election!
UKIP should have focussed its efforts at this election!
UKIP should have held the Balance of Power at this election!

UKIP made no impact other than that made by Nigel's Plane.
What a waste - What a Disgrace!

Lord Pearson's former chums are now in Power - his job is now completed. We have little doubt he will return to them. If he doesn't then he should be kicked out anyway (in our humble opinion).

Time to bring in someone who does not want to make money out of politics!

Time to bring in someone who does not want to become a member of the political elite!

Time to bring in someone who wants UKIP members to win elections and become a credible force in British Politics!

Who is this person?

Let us wait and see!!!

Labour at Last makes the Right Decision

Brown is to go.

No deal with the Lib Dems.

This is the only way, Labour can survive.

Allow the Tories and Lib Dems to form their unholy pact and there will be another General Election within 12 months against what will then be, an unpopular Coalition Government.

We are not saying that we want Labour to win that election, but by walking away, they stand an outside chance of doing so - its the only option they have.

For the rest of us, the demise of Gordon Brown and New Labour is the best news in over 13 years.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

UKIPs General Election Results - A Disaster

While we all await the 'behind closed doors' deal making of Clegg, Cameron and Brown, we thought we should briefly review the electoral perfomance of UKIP.

Zero Seats

914,154 Votes

3.08% share of the vote

0.87% increase on previous General Election.

A most appalling result considering the Party had 13 MEPs to promote it around the Country.

Now compare this to the Greens:

285,616 Votes

0.96% share of the Vote

1 Seat

or Plaid Cymru:

165,394 Votes

0.56% share of the Vote

3 Seats

The point we are making is that it is all to do with targetting.

All military Generals know that you should focus maximum resources at your enemies weakest point.

Yet UKIP spreads itself so thinly, it will never achieve a break-through. Yet this point is raised again and again but is ignored.

UKIPs former leader Nigel Farage came 3rd in a Constituency where the 2 main parties weren't standing. How much was spent on that election?
Do we not remember another major failed attempt costing scores of thousands some 5 years ago.

Until UKIP gets rid of its current Leadership, banish Nigel Farage to Europe and bring in people who understand electoral strategy - it will CONTINUE TO FAIL.

Unfortunate but there it is - an Appalling Result when it should have been UKIPs Day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do The Tories really Rule UKIP?

Well its been 11 months since our last post as we wanted to see how UKIP would fare after its fortunate electoral success in the EU elections last year.

Let's be under no illusion. The UKIP leadership, prior to the expenses scandal, would have been happy with 6 MEPS. Good fortune fell their way and they achieved 13. Well one would have expected UKIP to have capitalised on this, but instead, their Treasurer (Marta Andreasen) resigned her post and Nikki Sinclaire a formidable and prominent new MEP has been ostracised because she did not wish to share political alleigances with extreme right wing facists.

Hardly a good start.

The worst move however was the election of Lord Pearson to the position of Leader.

A former Tory Grandee and the favourite of the ex-Leader Nigel Farage is now campaigning in this election against his own members. We believe that Pearson is Nigel's 'sock-puppet' carrying out the policy that we believe Mr Farage has always wanted to follow (remember his falling out with a former UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy Silk over a similar issue?)

Now lets be clear, there is a logical strategy for not standing against candidates who demand that the UK should pull out of the EU and who pledge, to always vote for such, regardless of their own Party Policy. However, to our knowledge, the majority of people Lord Pearson is supporting have not given such an emphatic undertaking.

There is another issue too. UKIP has claimed that the other Parties are 'not to be trusted' because of the expenses scandal. Well if that is the case, we can think of no more a compelling argument for UKIP to stand up in its own right as an Independent Political Party and take on the establishment head on.

Logical - Yes?

Well not, if as we believe, UKIP has been developed over the years by Mr Farage to be a mere repository for malcontent anti-EU Tories with no real intention of ever winning politcal power. We see this through Mr Farage's appalling personal and amateurish political behaviour, in addition to ridding the Party of those serious in making UKIP honest, transparent and therefore electable.

What a shame - If ever UKIP's time has come - it is NOW!!!

What a shame it does not have the right Leadership to capitalise on it!