Monday, March 14, 2011

"Lib Dems has not lost its Identity" - REALLY?

When the Lib Dems formed their alliance with the Tories, we stated that this is the end of their identity and future prospects. If the Alliance policies go well, the Tories will take the credit. If they go badly, the Lib Dems will be blamed for supporting such a 'rotten' Government.

Their Alliance was a Lose/Lose situation.

Clegg could have exercised more power by being the Party that decides the outcome in a hung Parliament. Instead, he jumped for Office and personal grandisement. His Party has and will continue to pay the price for his personal and political enrichment.

At the Spring Party Conference Clegg told delegates "I haven't been kidnapped by David Cameron. I haven't changed one bit". We believe him. He is not a true Lib Dem following traditional Liberal values with a social bent. He is as much a Tory in our view, as Cameron himself. His birthright, upbringing, and political apprenticeship supports this.

He is no more Lib Dem than Tony Blair was Traditional Labour.

Its time his Party woke up to this fact and eject him and remove themselves from the coalition as quickly as possible. Otherwise, it will be another 100 years or so before they taste power again.