Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why is UKIP still failing to make Political Advances despite Market Conditions?

We have a Government that is about to become more unpopular than Thatchers did in the late 70's/early 80's.

We have a Third Party tied inextricably by the apron strings to this unpopular Government

We have an Opposition that has just left power much hated and ridiculed.

The Western World is facing potential economic collapse

Unemployment is Soaring

Incomes are falling

Prices are rising

and UKIP is failing to make any significant headway politically.

How Come?????

It has more MEPs than it ever had
It has more TV coverage than it ever had
It has more dedicated sycophants than it ever had
It has better websites and marketing than it ever had
It has more money (thanks to Stuart Wheeler) than it ever had

and yet its progress is at best mundane if not non-existant.

In America the likes of Donald Trump and Congressman Ron
Paul are achieving great advances and publicity in a similar environment.

Yet UKIP is still struggling. Why?

The Political System?   -  No
Uninterested Public  -  No
Media Bias?  -  No

Try the following:

MEPs more interested in claiming their expenses abroad than spreading the message in the UK;

Poor quality Candidates chosen for High Office to make the Leader 'Look Good' in comparison;

A Leader embroiled in numerous allegations of Corruption, Nepotism and Control Freakery;

No Clear, Concise Message or Blueprint for the British Public showing the way forward;

A Party willing to sit in Europe with Fascists, Dictatorships and other Fringe Elements.

UKIP should be Soaring but is instead floundering and embroiled in bitter in-fighting.

At the end of the day, there is only one person to blame: