Sunday, May 8, 2011

Why is no-one asking Clegg the right Question?

We watched the Andrew Marr show this morning listening to Clegg claiming the powerful influence he has over the Tories by being part of the coalition.

What rubbish.

Interviewers should ask the question - why would he have any less influence if he just held the balance of power and 'negotiated' each piece of legislation? 

In this way it would be more transparent to the British Public and would not tie the Lib Dems so closely to the Conservatives.

All Lib Dems should insist that their Party comes out of the Coalition before they are annihilated at the next General Election.

By the way, Clegg's undertaking that he would never accept a Tory Peerage in the future may prove as honest as (Lord) Kinnock and (Lord) Prescott's undertakings  to abolish the House of Lords.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We wrote previously how Clegg has betrayed his Party with his coalition with the Tories and his Party will Pay the Price.

Well May 5th was the first such example: 651 Council seats across England lost; the Party came 4th in Scotland; and was battered severely in Wales. The worst results for over 30 years.

Party President Simon Hughes admitted that the defeat in Sheffield was "due to the Leader's unpopularity".

Paddy Ashdown is also briefing against Clegg and so are a number of other senior Lib Dems.

We predicted that this would happen, and unless Clegg goes now and the Party withdraws from the coalition and judge each motion on its merit, worse will come in the General Election.

All Lib Dem MPs must search their consciences and eject their leader, for the good of the Country, their Party and their own futures.