Thursday, February 19, 2009

Libertas About to Launch and Nigel Farage Chatting?

We are reliably informed that Libertas will launch its UK operation within 15 days.

What is concerning is that Nigel Farage is still attempting to 'cosy up' to some of its Lead People. Why Nigel? We thought UKIP wanted out of the EU - or is there something we should know????

Watch this space!

Political Gossip UK

Friday, February 6, 2009

Good Performance by Nigel Farage - What a wasted talent!

Let it never be said that we at Political Gossip UK do not give credit where it is due.

Nigel Farage's performance on Question Time last night was very good. (Not brilliant as his sycophants claim, not derisory, as his detractors claim - it was very good).

This is the heart of the problem.

His supporters like him because he can perform. However, he is undoubtedly a 'one trip pony'.

His leadership of UKIP has been disasterous - No new money, No major defections from the Conservative Party, No mass publicity - all of which he promised during his Leadership election campaign.

The Party is in civil war with fractions occurring throughout England & Wales. Conferences are being held in opposition, fellow MEP's are writing against the leadership - the Party is in chaos and it is all down to one man.

There is no doubt in our mind, that he should never have stood for the leadership. Having won however, he should have embraced his opponents and not discarded them or supported defamation against them. Just imagine how powerful UKIP could be today if he followed either of those suggestions.

But no, having made one major mistake, he has moved on to others, culminating in the recent attempt to gain dictatorial powers - all pointless, unecessary and fatally damaging.

Instead of success, as 'it's time has come', UKIP is all but over. It just needs the confirmation of the British Public at the European Elections in JUNE.

What a shame - Good Speaker - Lousy Leader.

Political Gossip UK