Monday, March 23, 2015

Are the SNP Growing Up and setting an example to the Political Wannabes?

We were pleased to see Nicola Sturgeon indicate that the SNP will only support a minority Labour Government on a vote by vote basis.

This is exactly what we suggested the Lib Dems should have done with the Conservatives.

Perhaps the ensuing annihilation of the Lib Dem Party will act as a warning to those who put personal elevation over their duty to the Country.

Perhaps the Political establishment are growing up at last. Lets wait and see!

Did Scotland Have a Narrow Escape?

Well those who voted against Scotland Partitioning from the UK may indeed have saved the Country.

Should the vote have carried, not only would Scotland have had to put up with Trident moving South, the RBS possibly moving its Headquarters (and other businesses); but also Oil prices falling by 60% - which would have decimated oil revenues to the Scottish Exchequer.

How would it then be able to manage its own financial affairs?