Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet the Ukippers - Should we laugh, should we cry or should we be worried?

Well the BBC this evening broadcast quite an enlightening programme on UKIP in Thanet 'behind the scenes' where UKIP Leader Nigel Farage is standing at the 2015 General Election.

At the conclusion of the Programme, our initial reaction was somewhat mixed.
Let us explain why:

Firstly, it was quite amusing to see 'ordinary people' go about organising a political campaign when they clearly had no experience, guidance or knowledge to do so - it was quite refreshing to view; the innocence and naivety; and in parts proved quite humorous.

Secondly, it was somewhat pitiful to see these' amateurs' in action, and to wonder, "OMG what if UKIP did win? " Can you see any of these people as Home Secretary, protecting us against terrorists and criminals? or Foreign Secretary dealing with Ukraine and a possible military threat from Russia? or worse still, Nigel Farage himself as Prime Minister with his finger on the 'Nuclear Button' while quaffing yet another glass of wine or downing his 6th pint of beer?

Thirdly, it was concerning to see the 'extremist views' of some of the members and how those views were 'accepted' until it became clear that the TV filming was going to expose this rather 'bigoted and perhaps Racist' UKIP Councillor - whom many within the Party knew held quite severe views and was not afraid to express them.

It was a 'light expose' of something that should cause the 'intelligent viewer' to ask: is this UKIP Party, really fit to Govern or be electable?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Did Channel 4's Documentary on UKIP's First 100 Days Get It Right?

Yesterday evening at 9pm, Channel 4 broadcasted its new Documentary on "UKIP's First 100 Days" - showing what Britain would be like under a UKIP Government led by Nigel Farage.

Before and after the airing, scores of complaints were sent to Broadcasters and Newspapers citing bias and 'establishment stitch up'. Really? If UKIP wants to be treated as a serious political party then why should it be exempt from criticism, speculation, assessment and lampoon - like the Mainstream Parties - e.g Milliband 'eating bacon sandwiches' and Cameron 'forgetting' his daughter in the pub and the like.

After all, we don't need a Documentary on Labour or the Conservatives 'First 100 Days in Power' as we have already seen what they are like. But UKIP is an unknown quantity - or is it?

It used to be regarded as the 'BNP in Blazers Party' - now they cant be bothered to wear the blazers:

One only has to look at the You Tube clips, Tweets, Face book entries, of a not insignificant number of its supporters (and more importantly) members and candidates (not to mention elected officials).

One only has to watch the TV and see UKIP's 'scaremongering' about immigration and how Mr Farage couldn't get to a meeting in Wales on time because of the 'number of immigrants on the road'. Really?

One only has to remember those of an 'ethnic origin' who were promoted by UKIP as its 'Face of Modern UKIP' who have since left the Party citing its racist credentials.

We wont even cover the previous BNP, New Britain, National Front, EDL and other extreme Right Wing links and associations that both Mr Farage and some of his MEPs have had in the past.

Now, back to the Documentary, what about using the Police to raid 'ethnic businesses' on the premise that they were run by illegal immigrants - surely that is too far fetched and couldn't happen in our society, and certainly not under UKIP's governance - after all Mr Farage comes across as a 'Quintessential British Patriot'. Well, Churchill was one of our greatest patriots and used 'rifles' against the Tonypandy protesters. Margaret Thatcher (who worshipped Churchill) used Riot Police against the Mineworkers in the early 80's. And what about Mr Farage who worships both Churchill and Thatcher? Surely the score is written, its only the 'target' that may be different.

This then brings us to the question, rather than 'rely' on his supporters to write letters complaining about the programme, why did Mr Farage not actually take part? Channel 4 claim that they gave him an opportunity to comment 'on air' after he had viewed it. But he refused.

Now we all know that he refused to take part in the recent BBC Panorama Documentary which was somewhat critical of UKIP (but much less) for as he explained "Where's the upside?"

Well there was much upside in this case, as he could have renounced the accusations of racism, 'ethnic cleansing' and economic collapse - unless of course, Mr Farage, would be unable to defend the accusations if he were to believe them to be true and accurate himself.

You draw your own conclusions - for 'you may think that but we couldn't possibly comment.'

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mmmm UK Politics is becoming Interesting again!

Yes we are back from Sunnier shores and ready to discuss the political issues of the day.

Our last posting stated that we would not comment on British politics as it was too much of 'same old, same old'.

Well with the Tories recent defections to UKIP and the first truly elected UKIP MP together with the Panorama's expose of Mr Farage - things have just become more interesting again.

We shall do an analysis of the Panorama Programme on our next posting, but suffice it to say, we are back and will be commenting frequently on UK politics, especially as the General Election is not that far away.

Wake Up Britain, we have exciting times ahead!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where is UKIP?

We haven't mentioned UKIP for a while because we have seen very little happen recently.

The only person we see in the press doing something appears to be the ex-Farage sychophant Nikki Sinclaire MEP (who has since fallen out with her Leader and is standing as an Independent) and seems to be earning her money. As for the rest, who knows?

Interestingly, many UKIP members are also turning on their Leader, as shown by his recent defeat of 2 to 1 against his PEP Membership  Proposal.

How can the Leader of UKIP think it viable and acceptable to want to remain part of, and actively participate in, the very entity which it originally swore to extricate itself from???

"Jobs for the Boys" spring to mind yet again.

If only UKIP was led by a (Congressman) Ron Paul type, Uncorruptable, Defender of the Rule of Law, devout follower of the Constitution and a belief in "Real Money" and tight Monetary Control.

Surely UKIP members must see, that its MEPs have been corrupted by the allure of the EU bribe - even John Bufton MEP was caught on camera 2 years ago for claiming his Parliamentary Attendance Allowance on a Friday, when the Parliament doesn't sit - and we thought he was one of the most honest and moral of the bunch.

Unless someone of vision steps forward soon and is supported by UKIP members and the general public at large, we shall all be entrapped by the EU Tyranny.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Will Our Civil Rights Be Removed Today?

Earlier this week, the Daily Mail quoted that during the riots on Monday, the Police were told to stand down

"Why police were so soft on London looters: They 'were ordered to stand and observe' as capital burned


We must ask the reason why?

Has the Government decided that it needs "The People" to call for more draconian laws and measures to "defeat these anarchists and looters" and by allowing them to rampage through our cities such a call is more likely.

This will enable Government to introduce measures to restrict our civil rights so that when responsible people in future wish to demonstrate, they will not be allowed to do so.

The UK Government will make these decisions today, lets see what happens.

You heard it here first and we hope we are wrong.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Are We Surprised At The Riots?

Firstly, let us say that we believe rioting and commiting vandalism and theft is wrong as well as illegal.

However, we are not surprised it is happening.


  •  MEPs can claim the same amount of money per day for attending the European Parliament that a single unemployed person receives from the State in a month

  • Over 3 million people are unemployed and in reality more than 7 million are not working (and rising) who are elligible to work, and have very little possibility of finding a job for years to come let alone months

  • The Prime Minister and Chancellor say "We are in this together" and then have 3 holidays in 6 months - each one costing in a week more than an average worker earns in 26 weeks.

  • The Government threatens to reduce Social Security Payments further while offering little opportunity for people to get back into work - who are further hit by rising food and utility prices

  • Pension Funds have been robbed, Banks refuse to lend and pay their leaders millions of pounds for running their businesses (and the country) into the ground

    How can we be surprised people are unhappy with their current situation. We believe the rioting will increase and spread further. The Prime Minister threatening harsh punishments will not deter them - after all they feel they have nothing further to lose.

    Before some bright spark says, well you can vote for a different Party, - no we cannot, they are all from the same mould without exception. So where and how are peoples frustration going to be vented?
    On the streets - its sad, its tragic, but its understandable.

    People have to throw out our elitist leaders, promote those who know what it is like to live "in the real world" and support those individuals who are prepared to put their Country First and not their own Careers and Bank Balances.

    Dow Jones Collapse Is Predictable and Continuing

    We have been inundated with calls from colleagues asking us if we were aware of the Dow Jones Collapse by over 600 points today.

    Frankly it does not take a genius to predict it.

    As soon as the "debt ceiling" was raised, enabling the Federal Reserve to Print even more fiat money to bail out (short term) Obamas disasterous management of the US economy, we predicted a massive fall on Wall Street and a continuing downward spiral of the value of the dollar.

    To be fair, the rot set in with Clinton, worsened by Bush and continued further by Obama.

    The knock on effect will damage Europe too - putting pressure on the Euro - and those Countries like Greece which should never have been allowed to enter the Euro in the first place.

    Not to worry though, Cameron will soon be back from his 3rd Holiday this year and all will be well. Mmmmm perhaps not.