Sunday, November 14, 2010

NUS have the Right Strategy and more Groups should follow

Those interested in politics often debate what should one do in the event that they have been betrayed by those politicians who break their word.

There are many avenues open, but without doubt, one of the most efficient strategies is to mount various groupings to actively campaign in the constituencies in which individual MPs (and MEPS) have lied.

The NUS plans announced yesterday to lobby against Nick Clegg and other leading Lib Dems in their own constituencies to ensure they are not re-elected is absolutley 'spot on'. They misled students over University Fees and should pay the price. Prior to, and during, election campaigns the NUS should 'draft in' hundreds, yes hundreds of their members into the constituency and show that community the strength of feeling against their elected member.

Leaflets/newsletters, should be printed now and despatched on a monthly basis. MP surgery's should be massively attended showing the MP the strength of feeling against him/her. Poster campaigns (OK it costs money but this can be raised) should be adopted. Make the MP the figure of ridicule where-ever he or she goes - and the failure of just 1 not to get re-elected will send a very clear warning to all MPs and Party Leaders that they should not take the electorate for granted or treat them as fools.

The Lib Dems leadership betrayed the electorate over student fees. They have swallowed their principles to gain power (and use the excuse of working together). They have proven to be a hypocritical Party no different from the others.

They should be brought down now so that a space is left for a new and genuine Party to rise and 'fill the gap'.

We thought this Party once, should be UKIP, but we can see that the leadership there too has swallowed its principles and gone native. Led, by the much disliked and distrusted Nigel Farage, their MEPs are living off the Hog and enjoying their 'new found' Euro Wealth and have done little to truly represent the people who placed them there. (You only have to ask some of their own MEPs who have recently fallen out with their Leader).

No, UKIP is not the answer, but once we remove the 'Third Party' a New one will emerge, and in view of the dishonesty of the others, lets hope it happens quickly.

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