Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why Are We Surprised At The Riots?

Firstly, let us say that we believe rioting and commiting vandalism and theft is wrong as well as illegal.

However, we are not surprised it is happening.


  •  MEPs can claim the same amount of money per day for attending the European Parliament that a single unemployed person receives from the State in a month

  • Over 3 million people are unemployed and in reality more than 7 million are not working (and rising) who are elligible to work, and have very little possibility of finding a job for years to come let alone months

  • The Prime Minister and Chancellor say "We are in this together" and then have 3 holidays in 6 months - each one costing in a week more than an average worker earns in 26 weeks.

  • The Government threatens to reduce Social Security Payments further while offering little opportunity for people to get back into work - who are further hit by rising food and utility prices

  • Pension Funds have been robbed, Banks refuse to lend and pay their leaders millions of pounds for running their businesses (and the country) into the ground

    How can we be surprised people are unhappy with their current situation. We believe the rioting will increase and spread further. The Prime Minister threatening harsh punishments will not deter them - after all they feel they have nothing further to lose.

    Before some bright spark says, well you can vote for a different Party, - no we cannot, they are all from the same mould without exception. So where and how are peoples frustration going to be vented?
    On the streets - its sad, its tragic, but its understandable.

    People have to throw out our elitist leaders, promote those who know what it is like to live "in the real world" and support those individuals who are prepared to put their Country First and not their own Careers and Bank Balances.

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