Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Did Channel 4's Documentary on UKIP's First 100 Days Get It Right?

Yesterday evening at 9pm, Channel 4 broadcasted its new Documentary on "UKIP's First 100 Days" - showing what Britain would be like under a UKIP Government led by Nigel Farage.

Before and after the airing, scores of complaints were sent to Broadcasters and Newspapers citing bias and 'establishment stitch up'. Really? If UKIP wants to be treated as a serious political party then why should it be exempt from criticism, speculation, assessment and lampoon - like the Mainstream Parties - e.g Milliband 'eating bacon sandwiches' and Cameron 'forgetting' his daughter in the pub and the like.

After all, we don't need a Documentary on Labour or the Conservatives 'First 100 Days in Power' as we have already seen what they are like. But UKIP is an unknown quantity - or is it?

It used to be regarded as the 'BNP in Blazers Party' - now they cant be bothered to wear the blazers:

One only has to look at the You Tube clips, Tweets, Face book entries, of a not insignificant number of its supporters (and more importantly) members and candidates (not to mention elected officials).

One only has to watch the TV and see UKIP's 'scaremongering' about immigration and how Mr Farage couldn't get to a meeting in Wales on time because of the 'number of immigrants on the road'. Really?

One only has to remember those of an 'ethnic origin' who were promoted by UKIP as its 'Face of Modern UKIP' who have since left the Party citing its racist credentials.

We wont even cover the previous BNP, New Britain, National Front, EDL and other extreme Right Wing links and associations that both Mr Farage and some of his MEPs have had in the past.

Now, back to the Documentary, what about using the Police to raid 'ethnic businesses' on the premise that they were run by illegal immigrants - surely that is too far fetched and couldn't happen in our society, and certainly not under UKIP's governance - after all Mr Farage comes across as a 'Quintessential British Patriot'. Well, Churchill was one of our greatest patriots and used 'rifles' against the Tonypandy protesters. Margaret Thatcher (who worshipped Churchill) used Riot Police against the Mineworkers in the early 80's. And what about Mr Farage who worships both Churchill and Thatcher? Surely the score is written, its only the 'target' that may be different.

This then brings us to the question, rather than 'rely' on his supporters to write letters complaining about the programme, why did Mr Farage not actually take part? Channel 4 claim that they gave him an opportunity to comment 'on air' after he had viewed it. But he refused.

Now we all know that he refused to take part in the recent BBC Panorama Documentary which was somewhat critical of UKIP (but much less) for as he explained "Where's the upside?"

Well there was much upside in this case, as he could have renounced the accusations of racism, 'ethnic cleansing' and economic collapse - unless of course, Mr Farage, would be unable to defend the accusations if he were to believe them to be true and accurate himself.

You draw your own conclusions - for 'you may think that but we couldn't possibly comment.'


Greg_L-W. said...


for those Ukip supporters from The BNP, EDL, National Front, New Britain and who support Ukip because of their racist views - often cloaked in Nationalism or even with pretence of partiotism - for whom the program confirmed their view and support of Ukip:

Do consider Ukip may well mouth platitudes about closing our borders or half backed point systems that will be costly and near impossible to enforce, do bear in mind that would make Britain a global pariah as it breeches many world wide treaties.

For The UK to survive post EU departure we need world wide trade and such would be made near impossible if we can not be trusted to honour international treaties.

Perhaps it would be worth remembering that the Ukip MEP Amjad Bashir had his restaurant in Manchester raided by the police, relative to border authorities and was the business was prosecuted for employing illegal immigrants - but that was under Tory Governance!

Perhaps a Tory vote would be more to the liking of those with a racist anti EU membership as at least the Tories have promised a referendum if elected.

I think you will find that Ukip are more likely to be in their last 100 days being now on 9% than with any expectation of Governance after the General Election!


Greg_L-W. said...


Ukip's stance on issues, due to the fact that in the main they have not thought them through and have no EU eXit & survival strategy for these United Kingdoms leave me minded of:

The child who thoughtfully informed his Mother that 'he intended to be a Libertarian when he grew up'.

Mother with the pragmatism of experience responded - 'You can't do both dear'.

Give the child time he will probably emulate many in Ukip and confuse Libertarian for libertine!


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