Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet the Ukippers - Should we laugh, should we cry or should we be worried?

Well the BBC this evening broadcast quite an enlightening programme on UKIP in Thanet 'behind the scenes' where UKIP Leader Nigel Farage is standing at the 2015 General Election.

At the conclusion of the Programme, our initial reaction was somewhat mixed.
Let us explain why:

Firstly, it was quite amusing to see 'ordinary people' go about organising a political campaign when they clearly had no experience, guidance or knowledge to do so - it was quite refreshing to view; the innocence and naivety; and in parts proved quite humorous.

Secondly, it was somewhat pitiful to see these' amateurs' in action, and to wonder, "OMG what if UKIP did win? " Can you see any of these people as Home Secretary, protecting us against terrorists and criminals? or Foreign Secretary dealing with Ukraine and a possible military threat from Russia? or worse still, Nigel Farage himself as Prime Minister with his finger on the 'Nuclear Button' while quaffing yet another glass of wine or downing his 6th pint of beer?

Thirdly, it was concerning to see the 'extremist views' of some of the members and how those views were 'accepted' until it became clear that the TV filming was going to expose this rather 'bigoted and perhaps Racist' UKIP Councillor - whom many within the Party knew held quite severe views and was not afraid to express them.

It was a 'light expose' of something that should cause the 'intelligent viewer' to ask: is this UKIP Party, really fit to Govern or be electable?