Sunday, March 29, 2009

What is Stuart Wheeler Really Up To?

Well Stuart Wheeler is donating £100,000 to UKIP and has urged Tory's to vote UKIP at the Euro elections. However, he plans to remain a member of the Conservative Party and to vote Conservative at the Local and General Election.

So, what is he up to?

Well, watching him on the Politics Show today, he admitted that MEPs have no power (and therefore the vote is not that important to governance) and that all he wishes to do is to send a message to the 2 main Parties of how 'important' the issue of Europe really is, in the hope, that Cameron (in particular) changes his stance on Europe, moving towards a more Eurosceptic/withdrawalist position.

(Not forgetting he also mentioned that his family admit he is vain and garnishes publicity from time to time - where else could one get so much media coverage for only £100,000?).

So what does this say about UKIP? Well, the £100,000 will be useful (providing the Leader spreads it around the Regions and not 'hog it' for the South East only), but lets admit, this is no ringing endorsement for the Party. Rather than be seen a a 'Real Political Party' with ambitions for power to change the way this country is run, Wheeler sees UKIP merely as a 'Pressure Group' against the Tories.

So, despite his much covered media exposure, Nigel Farage has failed to convince any serious minded individual that UKIP is worth voting for, other than to act as a 'Protest Vote' - GREAT - well done UKIP - you've come far in the last 3 years. If the BNP were not so embroiled in a history of Racism, we are confident, the money would be going to them.

We are concerned nevertheless, that Mr Wheeler, allegedly a 'man of principle,' is prepared to support a Party like UKIP, so mired in allegations of 'corruption and wrongdoing' as reported in the media. However, he did say during the TV interview, that he regarded the issue of Europe as 'more important than anything else' - so perhaps he is happy to turn a blind eye. On refelction, this must be the case, as he was happy to endorse a Party embroiled in Cash for Questions and Minster's infedility and 'Swords of Truth' perjury's etc etc.

It's a pity though that he is clearly not well read on the subject of UKIP's actions -. Derek Clarke signing for greater subsidiarity in the EU and Nigel Farage calling for a 'new approach to Europe' - hardly a withdrawalist position.

However, we do see some Shinnanagins in the background. We understand that Iain Dale is callling for Stuart Wheeler to be 'kicked out' of the Tory Party for his 'treason'. Mmmmmm. Iain Dale knows full well that all this is likely to achieve, is the driving of Mr Wheeler into the hands of UKIP - the Leader of which is a 'close friend' of Iain Dale.

After all, we were all confused in this office at Mr Dale's effusive comments towards Nigel Farage - but we understand that a few meals and drinks together have placed these 2 individuals at a different 'operating level'. According to a Nigel Farage critic, 'Nigel was never fussy about the company he kept'.

However, Mr Wheeler, we at Political Gossip UK believe you are mistaken in supporting UKIP on the grounds that it is not the Party you think it is, and if you wish to send Cameron a message, then arrange a lunch with him and 'thrash out' your differences. Meanwhile, let's all watch and see how well UKIP spends your money.

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