Thursday, April 2, 2009

Has Farage been caught out 'Fibbing' again?

Dear Readers,

We have just been informed that Mr Farage has been 'economical with the truth' during a recent interview.

We are just verifying the story before details are published.

Watch this space - if accurate, he is in deep deep water.

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Greg L-W. said...


One has to wonder whether someone in your office has read the luvy article in the girlie style magazine for The Metro Sexually confussed - GQ.

Astonishingly having given me great encouragement when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 Nigel Farage admonished me to have courage and confidence as when he was 19 he had had testicular cancer and it had deeply damaged his self image (his words not mine).

Treatment for aggresive TC is removal of the testicle and seminal plumbing with a small scar above the pubic bone.

I note with interest in GQ he has made public that he has had testicular cancer and that of which I have NEVER spoken I feel free so to do now as it was he who put it in the public domain.

This time again he had agressive Testicular Cancer when he was 22.

It would seem Nigel Farage has more balls than a porn broker or will he next reveal who sires his children?

I do appreciate he was drunk out of his mind when run over (a situation from which he seems to have learned little). However the months in hospital form an excellent land mark to give credence to his memory that when he had his first testical removed was before his drunken idiocy and his second bout of aggresive cancer was after the incident!

From the style of the article one would have assumed a much closer relationship than only 3 meetings with Iain Dale - the article being so sloppy and adulatory - perhaps Iain Dale has a more detailed understanding of Farage's condition than one might expect!

Greg L-W.