Saturday, April 18, 2009

UK First Party (UKFP) - a Serious Party or just Fantasy?

The recent launch of the UKFP excited many of our staff, as we thought that perhaps here was a genuine alternative, to the now much beschmirched, UKIP.

However, weeks after its launch, there has been little publicity, a poor website created and the 'founding member' - Bruce Lawson - on holiday at time of launch and little seen since.

Whilst much has been made of Robin Page standing in the Eastern Region for the European Elections in June, the proposed candidate (Petrina Holdsworth - as confirmed on the British Democracy Forum) for the South East has garnered much less publicity. Bearing in mind the 'brave' stance she has taken to stand in the same area as UKIP's Leader Nigel Farage MEP, we expected to see much more made of this than has currently been forthcoming.

We at Political Gossip UK certainly hope she does not repeat her performance as shown at the UKIP Leadership election and pull out of the running at the last moment - as this would certainly call into question UKFP's ability to fulfill its announced intentions, and call into question, as to whether it is a serious Political Party or not - not to mention any embarassment it may cause Ms Holdsworth herself.

Our feeling at the moment is that its 'shadow leader' Bruce Lawson is not up to the job and has launched this Party prematurely, as little appears to be in place. Admittedly, Libertas is in a similar position, save that its owner does have a few million pounds to throw at it, should he desire, - we are, as yet uncertain, as to whether Bruce Lawson is in a similar position.

If the UKFP is not serious in its intent, it is better off 'out of the way', otherwise it needs to undertake some action pretty quickly, if it is to come close to achieving its published aims.

We shall watch this space closely!!!


Greg L-W. said...


It seems as if I am not alone in starting to wonder if Robin Page & Petrina Holdsworth have been dishonestly duped into involvement.

Has Bruce Lawson got a clue what he is doing? Has his oppo Peter Cole got the vaguest idea about marketing?

Have Bruce Lawson & Martin Hasslam implied there were funds available when they don't actually have them? Is Bruce Lawson actually putting in the minimum £40,000 needed to support the two regions he promised to fight?

SIX WEEKS to the election one is forced to ask if Bruce Lawson is just an arrogant and very stupid chappie with delusions of granduer? Her is starting to look like a fool!

I note the web site STILL isn't up - despite the machinations of the discreditted Delboy and the subsequent PROMISES of Bruce Lawson's - the first promise he made is now well over 2 weeks behind schedule!

In the great British tradition - heros led by donkeys!

Amateur or what?

Amateur or what!!!

Greg L-W.

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