Wednesday, December 3, 2008

British Democracy Forum - Getting Out Of Hand?

OK, we at PG UK knew that the return of GL-W to the BD Forum would liven things up a little, but we never expected the level of vitriol, personal attacks and Moderators in disarray as we have witnessed the past few days.

The usual suspects (Bob FM, Michael McGough, Mark Croucher) ran true to form, but we particularly dislike the side swipes at Lee (GL-W's partner) which McGough has made on a number of occasions. SHAME ON YOU MCGOUGH - Attacking a defenceless woman not involved in this political debate - WHAT A COWARDLY BULLY YOU ARE!

We certainly doubted your motives in defending questionable accounting practices conducted by some, we also questioned you claiming to be a PPC when you weren't, but we never took you to be a Coward attacking a defenceless woman! It just goes to show the depths some of these '2 bit players' are prepared to stoop.

We are also concerned that the Moderators have not dealt with the 'unproven' accusation levied on the Forum that GL-W has a record for handling 'stolen goods'. Unless proven otherwise, this is libellous in the extreme and should not go unchallenged.

It is little wonder that GL-W has retaliated with avengance, creating yet a greater atmosphere of tension, ill-will and general chaos.

There is no doubt that GL-W's rather robust and accusatory style has proven a catalyst for 'revenge attacks' but the fault, in large measure, rests with the Moderators for allowing the matter to get to this stage, and even worse, when some of them actually get involved in the abuse themselves.

A period of calm is called for and clear rules to be laid out, within which, all contributors should comply. We want to see genuine political debate not constant name calling and unsubstantiated allegations.

So come on Mr Butcher - lay out the ground rules and stop attacks on people not involved in the process and focus your Forum on intellectual argument.


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