Monday, December 1, 2008

Is the BNP Infiltration of UKIP Charge just an excuse for Nigel's Failure at next year's EU Elections in June?

Having recently read the posts made by Bob FM, Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny, Michael McGough and others on the British Democracy Forum.

Having read the statements and letters issued by UKIP's Chairman Paul Nuttall.

Having listened to comments made by Nigel Farage and some of his MEP colleagues, a pattern is developing which is becoming quite clear.

They are preparing their 'GRAND EXCUSE' for next year's failure in the EU Elections. Having clearly failed to date as leader, and having based his entire strategy on success at the EU elections (we recall Nigel making it very clear at the time of his disasterous Local Election results that it was only the EU elections which were important to UKIP) it is perhaps, at last dawning upon him and others, that UKIP will fail miserably in June. (Frankly, not something my colleagues and I particularly savour, but feel is inevitable under the current leadership team).

So, what better excuse than to 'prepare' for his failure than to accuse claimed 'anti-Farage' members of being BNP 'plants or infiltrators'. The words BNP seem to 'roll off' the tongues of these UKIP 'senior cohorts' more readily and frequently than it does from Nick Griffin himself!

The hypothesis which we are putting forward based on evidence to date, is that Nigel's Contingency Plan is to invent a BNP infiltrators plot to blame for his inevitable electoral failure. Using his 'invented plot' he intends to clear out members, to suit his aims, culminating in a 'Night of the Long Knives' eary next year. UKIP can then be portrayed as 'rising from the ashes' as a Phoenix under its saviour - Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage, we believe that members won't be so easily duped.

Accusing honest men with integrity, like Dr Eric Edmond, of supporting the BNP (you will note his anger at the dishonesty of this claim shown on his own blog - makes the foolishness of this strategy increasingly apparent.

Of course no-one wants BNP types in their Party, but to use BNP style methods to accuse innocent members, is dishonest and dishonourable, seemingly showing the depth to which the UKIP Leadership are prepared to sink.

We hope they sink no lower. SHAME ON YOU!

PG UK Team

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