Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GL-W Banned From British Democracy Forum

Well, the inevitable day has arrived.

GL-W has been banned from the formerly known UKIP Forum (now called the British Democracy Forum) for allegedly reporting an accusation of assault against a Party member, having been advised by the victim that this was so.

Rather than contact the alleged victim, The Forum Moderators contacted UKIP who apparently told them there was no truth in this allegation. Seems odd to us that the Moderators did not contact the 'victim' - after all he should know, shouldn't he?

It has been apparent for some 2 weeks that the Moderators were looking for an excuse (in our opinion) to eject GL-W as many of his posts had been withdrawn or 'cut', while others who said most distasteful things about GL-W and his family were allowed to keep their posts alive, and in some cases were re-iterrated by other members.


We have been suspicious for some time that The BD Forum has cosied up to UKIP either out of fear or favour - we genuinely do not know which. However, one thing is certain, without GL-W the BD Forum will be a less interesting place. It's now up to Junius to keep us all fascinated.

We have just one question at this point - if the alleged victim comes up with an 'incident number' for the reported offence, will the Moderators and Anthony Butcher apologise to GL-W and allow him to return?


John West said...

Hello. I have been informed that comments have been made by Greg Lance-Watkins on the British Democracy Forum. These comments concern Peter Reeve and have led to Mr Lance-Watkins being banned from the Forum.

In the interests of fairness I can confirm that I have made a complaint to the police about Mr Reeve. However, this is all that I am prepared to say at the present time.

Greg L-W. said...

Sadly Butcher and his little men have shown how little some of them are. They have been bending over backwards to help and assist EUkip to silence the truth and curtain Free Speech. This they have achieved by ensuring they did not accept fact as evidence nor did they check it they merely rolled over, based on a lie form EUkip. Further there was no opportunity to ensure they were correct.
Interestingly I could not obtain the further proof they required by 5pm. as John West was at work.

My word little Butcher's friends with Farage will be pleased he has done as he was told.

Shame on you Anthony Butcher for your dishonesty and support for Farage and you Padmore as errand boy.

In contempt,
Greg Lance-Watkins.