Thursday, December 11, 2008

A One Election Wonder may wipe out UKIP

Declan Ganley's launch today of Libertas in Brussels, has apparently gained more media coverage than UKIP has achieved throughout the whole of 2008.

Whilst Ganley only wants to 'amend' the EU (as opposed to withdrawal), his impressive TV performances today - sounding honest and genuine rather than slick, his skill at political lobbying (as shown in the Irish Referendum) and his financial clout, will ensure considerable success at the EU elections in 2009.

Now to put this in perspective, what we mean by considerable success is, hundreds of thousands of voters moving away from the Conservatives, The Liberal Democrats and most seriously, from UKIP.

UKIP has failed since 2004, (and especially since Nigel Farage MEP gained the leadership), to make any political impression on the National Stage. This, despite one of the most important issues being discussed by every household in the Country, The New Constitution The Lisbon Treaty.

We believe traditional UKIP supporters will give up on Farage's 'dead duck Party' and go for Ganley's offer on a 'needs must' basis.

Our major worry is that Ganley will fail to gain the serious number of MEPs he needs in Britain and lose impetus and direction after the election in 2009, thereby, yet again leaving anti-EU activists in limbo land. Perhaps then, with UKIP totally decimated, Ganley's Dream emasculated, a New Movement may appear and 'fill the gap' that will have been created.

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