Sunday, November 30, 2008

UKIP Tories Just Wanna Go Home, Go Home................. GO HOME!

Well, according to 2 Blog Masters of:

It looks as if plans were afoot for UKIP to do a deal with the Tories at the next General Election. Alledgedly, a Press Officer by the name of Clive Page, while in 'his cups' (heaven forefend) it is claimed that:

Nigel was willing to do a deal with David Cameron if the price was right. Nigel offered to withdraw all of UKIP’s parliamentary candidates if Cameron allowed UKIP to stand uncontested in three safe Tory seats. As you would expect, Nigel wanted a seat. The others seats would go to David Bannerman and Bob Spink.

Whilst we at Political Gossip UK cannot fully account for the veracity of this statement, we have found that Junius has a consistent level of veracity and our research into the hierarchy of UKIP shows:

Nigel Farage MEP - UKIP Leader - former Young Tory and Tory Party Member and Thatcherite Adulant

Roger Knapman MEP - UKIP Previous Leader - Former Tory MP and Whip

Lord Pearson of Rannock - Formerly Tory Party Peer

Lord Willoughby De Broke - Formerly Tory Party Peer

Earl of Dartmouth - Formerly Tory Party Peer

Robert Spink MP - Former Tory MP - Then UKIP - Now Independent

David Bannerman - UKIP Deputy Leader - Former Tory Party Member and Political Ass.

Gawain Towler - UKIP/Ind Dem Group Press Office - Former Tory Party Member and PPC hopeful

Piers Merchant - Asst to Roger Knapman - Former Tory MP

Stephen Sobey (Neville) - UKIP Press Office - Always a Tory Member even when in UKIP

etc etc and many dozens more.

(We need not mention Geoffrey Titford MEP and Mike Natrass MEP former extreme Right Wing (Delderfield's) Party members).

Should we be surprised at an attempted deal?
We think not?
The only explanation we can give for the incredibly poor performance of UKIP since 2004 has to be one of deliberateness - after all, no-one could behave as pathetically, and achieve so little at such cost, unless deliberate.

Could they?

If these people are so desperate to rejoin the Tories, why wait for Cameron to agree - we can 'show you the way to GO HOME'

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