Sunday, May 10, 2009

Farage Fibs on Andrew Marr Show

Having watched Andrew Marr questioning Nigel Farage this morning, we were surprised at the very easy time Mr Marr continues to give the leader of UKIP. We are seriously beginning to wonder whether Marr has 'lost his bite' and should continue to be allowed to 'front' a so-called Political News Program. Perhaps the BBC should employ a recent graduate at a tenth of the cost of Marr, who can put benign, non-confrontational questions just as easily as he can - after all, we all have to cut costs these days.

Now to the point of this post. Mr Farage, yet again claims on National TV that his Party (under his leadership) deals with problems like his 3 now departed 'errant MEPs' quickly and decisively. Really? There was no decisive action taken against Tom Wise. Tom Wise allowed his membership of UKIP to lapse. Tom Wise resigned from the Ind Dem Group (of which Farage is Chairman). There was no cull, no Committee of Expulsion, no sackings. In fact, many UKIP insiders believe that Nigel was 'frightened to weald the axe' in case Tom Wise 'spilled the beans'on him.

So lets get real. Mr Farage, the sound bite might sound good, but it impresses no-one in the know. You claim that UKIP stands for Truth and Honesty. Mmmmm - then lets see some practiced please.

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