Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Searchlight - Croucher - UKIP Databases ?????

We recently commented on the actions of Mark Croucher and his involvment with UKIP databases/emails when apparently he is not employed or engaged by UKIP and therefore a potential breach of the Data Protection Act has occurred.

More concerning however has been his past involvment with an extreme 'left wing' organisation called Searchlight. In previous correspondence, Mr Croucher admitted that he had used this organisation to vet certain members whom he believed to be possible 'right wing' infiltrators. Certain UKIP members are suspicious that this organisation is being used for other 'deviant' activity.

Nevertheless, according to our sources, it transpires, that having landed UKIP in potential trouble as a result of publishing information on the British Democracy Forum about his latest entrapment exercise involving 'misleading emails' and Mr Piers Merchant, a former UKIP member has been approached to help deal with the mess that has been created.

Although we have not substantiated this, we suspect this former member to be Mr Rob McWhirter, who currently resides in Switzerland having previously resigned from UKIP in disgust. It would on the surface make sense, as Mr McWhirter is, we believe, somewhat of a techno-wizard, but to approach him, in view of his resignation, UKIP must realise that they are in a desperate position. We could of course be wrong but we are aware that an approach has been made to an 'overseas' ex member.

We wait with baited breath.


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