Monday, May 11, 2009

No Prize For Booker Today!

Christopher Booker published whole hearted support for Marta Andreason and her newly launched book about EU Finances in the Telegraph on 9th May.

Well Mr Booker, if you did a little research, rather than be blinded by the 'Glamour' of having been allowed to address UKIP Conferences and 'plug your wares' you may have noticed all is not what it seems.

Rather than go into detail here, an excellent resume has been written on caterpillarsandbutterflies - which addresses most of the issues.

It is disappointing to us, that Mr Booker should support someone who has recently been parachuted into UKIP (a Party which has major internal divisions about its own financial reporting and accountability, with a former MEP having been jailed for 'fraud', another under arrest, and numerous OLAF enquiries opened about other incidents) with a view to a seat on 'the gravy train'.

Mr Booker, you have to date been a true fighter for liberation from EU Diktat and you have based that on meticulous research, but we feel you have somewhat blotted your copybook with this article, and please remember, 'Your Enemies Enemy is not always Your Friend.'

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