Friday, May 1, 2009

Internal War at UKIP and Possible illegal Actions

Well what a day today has been.

We knew that when Mark Croucher admitted that his pubs had failed (no shame in that if it was purely down to our politically mis-managed economic environment) he would be spending more time on UKIP matters. But we had no idea the storm he was going to create and the potential for landing UKIP 'in the Dock' again.

Let us explain:

On the British Democracy Forum this morning, Mark Croucher reveals that he 'set a trap' in order to reveal the identity of the 'UKIP Leadership thorn in the side' Junius. This was based around the sending of 'false emails' (for the purposes of entrapment, and unencrypted - more on this later) in the knowledge that a blind copy was allegedly being sent to Piers Merchant (former Tory MP and UKIP MEP - Roger Knapman assistant).

This information was apparantly 'leaked' to Junius and Greg Lance Wakins; Mark Croucher has come to the conclusion therefore, that Junius must be Piers Merchant' and this, to some degree, was supported by NEC member Douglas Denny.

At the same time, Mark Croucher publishes a report from the Information Commissioners Office (under the terms of the DPA), criticising UKIP for its 'shoddy' (our words) security over data and insisting on a number of steps UKIP must take or action will be taken against them. One such stipulation was that all sensitive data must be sent encrypted - yet MC admits the emails were despatched - unencrypted - BREACH.

It would also seem from details in his original posting, that they have also mailed their entire database 'willy nilly' without encryption subsequent to the serious warning given.

But this next bit is even more interesting.

Mark Croucher admits that he is not employed or paid by UKIP presently (and on previous postings that he is not a member of UKIP). So we ask 'Why has Mark Croucher been given access to UKIP's data and computer systems?' - is this not in breach of the Data Protection Act? - and runs contrary to the recent warning mentioned above?

Now we have to admit, we are not lawyers, and we are not waking our solicitor up at this time for his opinion, as it would cost us around £500, but we think UKIP may have broken the Law here!

Comments would be appreciated.



Bob Feal-martinez said...

So sad, so much 'waffle' and no facts. But that it what we expect from GLW

Greg L-W. said...


It is interesting to note that Bob FM has been proved to be an habitual liar, unwilling to apologise when publicly exposed for abuse, libel and lies at: and elsewhere.

The BFM said
But that it what we expect from GLWPoor old man - clearly he is lost and thinks he is on my blog!

If Bob FM was the only person acting consistently to bring EUkip into disrepute he could be discounted but the dishonesty and self interest of the witch hunts, BNP emulation, fighting like ferrets in a sack and mistrust amongst the Faragista Fan Club and th abject failure of any signs of an Officer Class or any leadership skills in control of EUkip - may well mean it can NEVER be 'fixed' destroyed by liars and cheats, cowards and those tring to make income or gain from a position at or associated to the troughs on the EU Gravy Train.

The BFM in his fear of failing to get his snout in the trough is willing to prostitute himself anywhere and lie repeatedly to currie favour with his masters.

A Nationalist he may be with all the vile attributes we expect of The BNP for whom EUkip have been the most successfull recruiting sargeant with its outdated centralisation of power as Farage drags the party into an extremist right wing one man band, designed to keep HIM in the EU.

Patriot is never an attribute to give The BFM associated closely to Searchlight and extremism with his dishonesty and adulation of the lies and distortions of the discreditted failure Mark Croucher and his vile reputation.

Don't forget BFM that whoever runs this site can - like Junius introduce Moderation or like me block your lies on my blogs: where every fact has been substantiated and there are absolutely no deliberate attempts to mislead or lie.

To learn the truth about EUkip check the facts.

Greg L-W.