Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We Are So Worrying UKIP and its supporters, we are Now Being Framed

It's interesting to see, that having proved critical of UKIP's behaviour under Nigel Farage's leadership, that we are now being framed, by person or persons unknown, which has been picked up by Mr Mark Croucher, to whom we are extremely grateful for bringing this to our attention.

I refer to today's post by Mr Croucher on the British Democracy Forum ( underlying the accusation (perfectly understandable why this mistake is made) that we, and whoever is posting under the guise of Political Gossip UK on Stormfront, are the same people. WE ARE NOT.

If we supported the views that our impersonator advocates then we would post it on this blog too and say so. But we do not. This is without doubt a set-up by parties who are clearly worried about the effect we are having on public opinion about UKIP and its Leader Nigel Farage MEP.

It is extremely sad that in politics these 'dirty tricks' are adopted and like the other Political Parties, UKIP are no stranger to them either (e.g. the video release of John West's media training interview on UTube and the departure in recent years of more than 8 NEC members who left in disgust or dispute with the Party).

This is exactly what we are fighting to clean up. UKIP was supposed to be different from the other Parties - and yet it has mired itself in the same filth. If it had not, it could now be rising high and adopting the 'moral high ground' on the 'expenses issue' which has so gripped this Nation. Instead, like most of the other Parties it lies low and hope that they too are not investigated too closely.

So to repeat, we TOTALLY DISASSOCIATE Ourselves from whomever is using our name on the StormFront publication and if we have anything to say, we will say it here. We hope that Mr Croucher will continue to read these extreme right wing publications and let us know should anyone else take our name in vain.

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