Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will UKIP be exposed before June 4th?

Well, who said a 'week is a long time in politics'?

Two weeks ago, UKIP looked as if it was heading downwards to retaining 3 or 4 MEP seats. Last week as a direct result of the MPs expenses scandal (not because of anything UKIP has done) it looked as if 15 or more UKIP MEPs would be elected.

This week, because of Mr Farage's arrogance and willingness to boast about his expenses, it is quite possible that even the 3 or 4 seats may be in jeopardy.

We have the Sun, Mirror, Guardian starting to reveal what fellow UKIP members already knew. UKIP MEPs had gone native and many were taking advantage of the lax expenses regime. What has proved revealing however, is UKIP MEPs votes against increased transparency and declaration of expenses. We wonder why?

Much now depends on the media. It may still strike UKIP lightly for fear of a BNP upsurge, but decent journalists (yes there are some) cannot allow someone as hypocritical as Mr Farage to get away with condemning greedy MPs when he himself has claimed some £2million (as reported in the media).

The next few days will prove crucial.

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