Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Apology from Political Gossip UK

We wish to apologise for focussing on UKIP politics at the moment, as opposed to other political parties. The reason we are doing this is, that in fairness, the other Parties have extensive coverage in the media and on the Web which UKIP does not. We are approaching the EU elections shortly and this is the time that UKIP has traditionally done well and therefore becomes more relevant.

Also, we are intrigued at what is going on within UKIP, as it does appear that something of a 'power struggle' has developed, and the Party seems to be heading towards an Authoritarian Prescriptive Dictatorship - rather unusual for a Party that claims to support a degree of libertarianism, free speech and equal rights.

All political commentators are aware that 'politics is a dirty business', but frankly, the authors of this site, genuinely (but naively) believed that UKIP was different - therefore the focus of our interest.

Just thought we would let our readers know.

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