Monday, November 17, 2008

Disappointed in British Democracy Forum's Anthony Butcher

This site has been a keen follower and supporter of Anthony Butcher's British Democracy Forum until now. We are hugely disappointed at the number of threads he is closing down, claiming personal attacks ??????? Anthony, over the past 2 years, your site has been made up of nothing but personal attacks.

Our concern is that to date you have allowed personal attacks on decent members of UKIP by what some regard as the 'ruling cabal', but as soon as someone retaliates i.e. a certain GL-W, you close the thread. This is most unusual and suspicious to say the least.

Conspiracy theorists may ask whether you are a secret supporter of the UKIP Leadership, whilst pretending not to be. We at Political Gossip UK believe you should have the courage of your convictions and state whether you are or are not. Either way, an honest approach is better than an apparent duplicitous one.

Of increasing concern is one of your recent posts:

Originally Posted by T.N.Warry

IMO Butcher's response of sticking with the status quo is lacking in imagination and seems to accept leaving corruption alone is OK for a quiet life. Well I say coruption of any kind must be fought regardless of the consequences to UKIP. Fortunately I believe the best result for UK plc is if UKIP under Nigel do very badly. This way we may just get something better developing in its place.

Even from a critic's point of view, Farage has to be allowed to stand in the EU elections as UKIP leader. This is his grand plan - to double the number of UKIP MEPs (to 18 or 24, it isn't clear). If and when UKIP fails, and perhaps ends up with just three or four MEPs, then Farage will lose all credibility as a leader and will have to step aside for someone completely fresh to take over.. and that means someone who isn't in his trusted circle... which means someone who doesn't hold any position in the leadership at the moment.We can argue on this forum forever about his faults, but political leaders stand and fall on election results.

No one expected UKIP to do well in the General Election or the local elections, but the EU elections are a completely different matter. Farage has been given far more leniency by the party than most other party leaders would ever have had, but he has one big chance to prove himself.

It is far too late for a new leader to have any chance of making an impact on the party now in time for the elections.So if you are a UKIP member I would urge you to stop plotting to oust him and let him get on with it for the moment. That doesn't mean that his leadership decisions shouldn't be criticised - that is only healthy - but attacks for the sake of attacks won't achieve anything. If you think that he is doomed to fail anyway, then don't provide him with more excuses to try to worm his way out of it afterwards.

You and a few others will probably be out of the party soon anyway, so this is probably a pointless post!

Well, we do not agree. If someone has cancer, you cut it out. If someone is robbing you, you don't just sit back and say well lets see where it ends? This is very weak Anthony and we are surprised.

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