Friday, November 14, 2008

NEC Member Davd Abbott Blasts UKIP Leadership

UKIP NEC Member Dr. David Abbott blasts UKIP leadership and 'cronies'.

In an outburst email to a political blogger - Mr A Edwards, Dr Abbott accuses the NEC and leadership of scurrilous and dishonest behaviour. One cannot help but think the UKIP wheels are either grinding to a halt or falling off. Shame really the Party originally showed so much promise.

From an email sent to Andrew Edwards:

A correction.
I have never attended a meeting of American Friends of the BNP. And unlike many UKIP members I have never attended a meeting of the BNP.
All this BNP nonsense is a smokescreen. Mottram was expelled for saying that Farage is a totally useless leader.
UKIP is doing terribly in elections, we get involved in lawsuits that could be avoided, we only have one spokesman, we are losing members and throwing out others as quickly as we can, potential donors hold back for fear their contributions will be misused, there is no training, no pamphlets, no message. Liars and cheaters are promoted.
Ms Fullers Morrocan taxi driver friend posts a video of a respected member, and no one apologises, but the cabal turns on the badly treated member, and our leader defends his alleged girlfriend's actions.
Farage pays his wife, having promised not to. A call centre opens in Ramsgate, run by an ex National Front person, and our Argentinian/Danish treasurer knows nothing of it. Ashford call centre sends less than 15% of its collections to the Party, but the NEC is not allowed to discuss this. Our deputy leader uses a made-up name and is employed by the EU.
And when Buster draws some of this to the attention of the leader, face to face, our press office gets to work to put the BNP smear on him.
And when I post a piece suggesting the benefits of playing by the rules I get tossed off the NEC, to which I was elected and reelected on a platform of keeping to the rules.
And our convicted fraudster of a press officer's flat mate (Marxist, Searchlight collaborator Croucher) libels me day after day.
Rule by Brussels or by UKIP? Its a toss-up.
David F Abbott MRCP

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