Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GL-W allowed back on to the Democracy Forum

We are pleased to see that GL-W has been allowed to post on the British Democracy Forum after a 12+ month suspension. The poll conducted showed that 27 members supported his return as opposed to 19 against.

Rather amusingly Anthony Butcher, the Forum owner, admitted that GL-W could have posted anyway as the site had failed to block him - a technical hiccup. How kind it was of GL-W not to take advantage of this situation.

In view of the overwhelming support for GL-W one cannot help but ask the Question should he also stand for the 'UKIP Leadership' in 2010? - if so, he should get his Party membership application form in now so as to give him plenty of time to overcome any objections that may arise. After all, he would be a stark contrast to the traditional 'blazer and brogues brigaide'.

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