Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Political Party Being Considered - Rumour or Fact?

It's very unlike us to quote rumour, but a number of sources are suggesting that a contingent of the British Democracy Forum members are considering setting up their own political party in view of the alledged apparent failure of UKIP to achieve its goals.

We were all aware of the 'Grass Roots' and 'Phoenix' attempts at creating a 'counter leadership group' from within the UKIP structure, but this seems to be very different. With the departure of Geoffrey Kingscott (former UKIP General Secretary)we all assumed this was an end to the infraction. However this appears not to be so.

This is only 'rumour' at present, as we understand that no formal meetings have been held. Despite this, we are aware that many members, and active 'ex-members' of UKIP, are very unhappy with the more 'extreme' and increasingly 'dictatorial' methods adopted by Nigel Farage and his 'inner circle'. Many are suggesting that he is 'deliberately destroying the anti-EU cause' for preferment in another 'Political Grouping' to be announced after the Euro Elections.

With UKIP already under fire from the Electoral Commission, Legal Actions pending, appalling election results of late, a new 'alternative Party' will just be another nail in the coffin for this potentially once 'Great Political Party movement'.

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