Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Does the Democracy Forum engender real debate?

The UK Democracy Forum - has recently been criticised for its apparent scathing attacks on the UK Independence Party.

Having looked at this well put together site, Political Gossip UK feels, that without a forum on which UKIP members and non members can debate political strategy both positively and negatively, then little progress will be made within the anti-EU camp.

We are a little disillusioned at the personal attacks both pro- and anti-leadership supporters rain down on each other, but over-all feel that being able to freely debate concerns is healthy for the political process. There are of course dangers in revealing political strategy to ones opponents but bearing in mind that this forum appears to harbour mainly anti EU supporters, we would like to believe that a spirit of some co-operation could be achieved in fighting the same cause.

There is much amusement in our offices about the latest debate as to whether to allow a certain GL-W to repost on this site again. We understand this individual to be a true anti-EU crusader who possibly damages his arguement with smatterings of abuse and name calling. The poll appears at this stage to be slightly in his favour, though this could change at any moment. What is amusing to us, is that those who argue against his being accepted, apparently belong to a political party that emphasises its belief in freedom of speech.

For what it's worth, and without any influence in this matter, we would argue to allow him back and destroy him (metaphorically that is) in debate. After-all, surely no individual can be a match for the combined efforts of the full Forum membership?

p.s. If anyone should comment on our post, no bad language please or you'll be banned :)


Greg L-W. said...

Thanks for the deeply flattering mention ;-) I found your site early this morning and have added it as a link on my blog at:
I do hope you will reciprocate.

I note you are now being promoted by the odious Mark Croucher on Anthony Butcher's Forum at:

Good luck with your new blog. I do not know if this is your only blog or not - I only have the one so far ;-) which I started earlier this week.

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


Having caught up and bothered reading Anthony Butcher's Forum - astonishing isn't it that a grown man has to hold a poll to try and work out what integrity, decent behaviour and morality are!

As if to confirm my surprise I note even as he holds his poll he provides a platform for the lies and deceit of Croucher!

Then as if to mock his own Forum members he accepts their verdict with such ill will as to be predictable!

I await him having the integrity to appologise for his corrupt and sordid behaviour.

His Forum members have told him how to behave but let us see if he is man enough to apologise.

I do believe in morality and integrity in all things, not least of all politics!

Greg L-W.