Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why are so many UKIP British Democracy Forum Members so nasty to one another?

Yesterday, we had a discussion at our offices to try and understand why certain members of the British Democracy Forum are so nasty to each other - especially those members of UKIP.

We researched many postings and found the main culprits to be, Mark Croucher, Bob FM, Michael McGough, Douglas Denny and Junius. On searching the archives further back, other names such as 'Devil's Kitchen', Chad Noble, Bellatrix etc also appear.

We find this most curious. Rather than debate the issues, these individuals appear (to us at least) to continuously attack those who oppose the UKIP leadership or questions their actions.

Loyalty guys is fair enough and should be applauded, but there really is no substitute for sound argument and debate.

We suggest, that if it is truly your intention to have UKIP treated seriously as a 'grown up' political party, then cut the abuse, and debate rationally.

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