Sunday, May 2, 2010

Do The Tories really Rule UKIP?

Well its been 11 months since our last post as we wanted to see how UKIP would fare after its fortunate electoral success in the EU elections last year.

Let's be under no illusion. The UKIP leadership, prior to the expenses scandal, would have been happy with 6 MEPS. Good fortune fell their way and they achieved 13. Well one would have expected UKIP to have capitalised on this, but instead, their Treasurer (Marta Andreasen) resigned her post and Nikki Sinclaire a formidable and prominent new MEP has been ostracised because she did not wish to share political alleigances with extreme right wing facists.

Hardly a good start.

The worst move however was the election of Lord Pearson to the position of Leader.

A former Tory Grandee and the favourite of the ex-Leader Nigel Farage is now campaigning in this election against his own members. We believe that Pearson is Nigel's 'sock-puppet' carrying out the policy that we believe Mr Farage has always wanted to follow (remember his falling out with a former UKIP MEP Robert Kilroy Silk over a similar issue?)

Now lets be clear, there is a logical strategy for not standing against candidates who demand that the UK should pull out of the EU and who pledge, to always vote for such, regardless of their own Party Policy. However, to our knowledge, the majority of people Lord Pearson is supporting have not given such an emphatic undertaking.

There is another issue too. UKIP has claimed that the other Parties are 'not to be trusted' because of the expenses scandal. Well if that is the case, we can think of no more a compelling argument for UKIP to stand up in its own right as an Independent Political Party and take on the establishment head on.

Logical - Yes?

Well not, if as we believe, UKIP has been developed over the years by Mr Farage to be a mere repository for malcontent anti-EU Tories with no real intention of ever winning politcal power. We see this through Mr Farage's appalling personal and amateurish political behaviour, in addition to ridding the Party of those serious in making UKIP honest, transparent and therefore electable.

What a shame - If ever UKIP's time has come - it is NOW!!!

What a shame it does not have the right Leadership to capitalise on it!


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