Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Next Labour Leader is : Miliband of Course !!!

Well, while Cameron and Clegg enjoy their honeymoon period and stare lovingly into each others eyes, a more down to earth and poigniant relationship is under way.

The next Labour leader will be a Miliband - the question is Ed or Dave? The other contenders do not come close and Balls appears as smug on camera as Portillo did in the old Tory Party days (though Portillo appears more acceptable now he is out of office).

The brothers have to beware. Each of them are equally ambitious and have their own strengths, but they must not damage each other to win the contest.

In our view, it won't make any difference who wins - as Labour will not be governed by the Leadership any more but by its own internal interested parties - and especially the Trade Unions - despite what is said in front of the camera.

Deals are being done for support, and it will cost the brothers dearly. However, if your whole life has been centred upon becoming Prime Minister (as Cameron has) you are likely to submit to any cost to achieve that goal. Whoever wins, and if the public ever trust Labour again, we will have another couple staring blissfully at each other and back slapping at the front of No 10.

Todays politicians have little conviction, and as we have seen with the expenses scandal, are bought off very cheaply. Its a shame and a disgrace, but interesting to watch nevertheless!

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