Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cameron is Prime Minister - UKIP Leadership Has failed its Members

Well at last the Conservatives have won power again after persuading the British Public (well a third of them) that they are no longer "The Nasty Party".

Cameron (an old Etonian) is Prime Minister - the youngest since 1812.

Once again we see the elite hand over power from one member to another.

They have also infiltrated UKIP - we don't want Lords running UKIP, we don't want Drunks and Immoral fools running UKIP we don't even want failed Tory MPs running UKIP. We have had enough of these types.

UKIP should have gained seats at this election!
UKIP should have focussed its efforts at this election!
UKIP should have held the Balance of Power at this election!

UKIP made no impact other than that made by Nigel's Plane.
What a waste - What a Disgrace!

Lord Pearson's former chums are now in Power - his job is now completed. We have little doubt he will return to them. If he doesn't then he should be kicked out anyway (in our humble opinion).

Time to bring in someone who does not want to make money out of politics!

Time to bring in someone who does not want to become a member of the political elite!

Time to bring in someone who wants UKIP members to win elections and become a credible force in British Politics!

Who is this person?

Let us wait and see!!!

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