Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is Sterling the Next Target?

We have seen the effect that market rumour, coupled with the activities of currency speculators and Hedge Funds have had on the Euro recently.

A cynic may speculate that a potentially weak currency whose country is experiencing some political turmoil is deliberately targetted by these people/institutions to make a few, or even tens, of Billions of dollars in speculative gains.

We are FREE MARKET supporters, but DO NOT accept that such markets should be allowed to be hijacked or manipulated in this way - as the only beneficiaries are a small handful of people.

We remember how George Soros made over a Billion Dollars back in the 90's betting against sterling. Since then, Institutions have refined the model, and, as we understand, have created a degree of market manipulation to enable even more vast profits to be made.

We believe Sterling is next.

The UK has: a relatively weak economy; a fragile New political alliance; committed itself to major Banking Reform; produced vast quantities of 'pounds' under the heading of 'quantitative easing'.

The budget deficit and potentially declining trade with Europe (due to the high value of sterling compared to the Euro)- our biggest export market, will be the excuse spread throughout International Markets.

These speculators are moving from Zone to Zone, so don't be surprised, and remember where you heard it first!

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