Wednesday, May 26, 2010

UKIP Troops are rounding on Lord Pearson - they should also encircle Farage Too.

We recently speculated that Lord Pearson has resigned from UKIP but is keeping the resignation quiet for the time being.

We now hear of secret meetings being held by UKIP members to discuss (and rightfully condemn) his policy of supporting other Parties in the General Election.

Mike Nattrass MEP appears to be leading the revolt, but we are advised that a number of  'NO  Confidence' votes are being scheduled throughout the Country over the next 2 weeks.

However, people seem to  forget that the policy Pearson was following was originally suggested and endorsed by Farage.

People also seem to forget that Farage championed Lord Pearson as Leader, making it clear that the other candidates (some of his own MEPS) were not 'up to the job'.

When Pearson goes, then so should Farage too.

That will be the first step on UKIPs road to recovery - but a long road it will be.

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