Sunday, May 23, 2010

Has UKIPs Leader Resigned?

We must add, this is only supposition at the moment.

The rumour doing the rounds is that Lord Pearson has resigned his leadership of UKIP and is hiding at Rannock on his Perthshire Estate, hoping no doubt, to be able to hide in a cloud of volcanic ash and not be able to fly back.

If this is the case, the difficulty is, who will replace him?

It may prove difficult for Farage to return as everyone realises that the policy of trying to help the Tories at the General Election was his - a repeat of the battle he had with Natrass and others at the previous General Election. (He may also not wish to be tainted should UKIP declare Bankruptcy after the Appeal hearing next month) but he must still control the Party. They surely would not want an election at this stage in case the wrong person wins.

We believe, that as Deputy Leader, Farage sock-puppet (No. 2) David Bannerman will be annointed as caretaker. If the ship sinks, he will be seen to have been at the helm. If successful, they may keep him in post, or more likely front someone more appealing and charismatic as Leader next year.

Either way, no real change at the top.

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