Sunday, May 9, 2010

UKIPs General Election Results - A Disaster

While we all await the 'behind closed doors' deal making of Clegg, Cameron and Brown, we thought we should briefly review the electoral perfomance of UKIP.

Zero Seats

914,154 Votes

3.08% share of the vote

0.87% increase on previous General Election.

A most appalling result considering the Party had 13 MEPs to promote it around the Country.

Now compare this to the Greens:

285,616 Votes

0.96% share of the Vote

1 Seat

or Plaid Cymru:

165,394 Votes

0.56% share of the Vote

3 Seats

The point we are making is that it is all to do with targetting.

All military Generals know that you should focus maximum resources at your enemies weakest point.

Yet UKIP spreads itself so thinly, it will never achieve a break-through. Yet this point is raised again and again but is ignored.

UKIPs former leader Nigel Farage came 3rd in a Constituency where the 2 main parties weren't standing. How much was spent on that election?
Do we not remember another major failed attempt costing scores of thousands some 5 years ago.

Until UKIP gets rid of its current Leadership, banish Nigel Farage to Europe and bring in people who understand electoral strategy - it will CONTINUE TO FAIL.

Unfortunate but there it is - an Appalling Result when it should have been UKIPs Day.

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