Friday, May 14, 2010

UKIP MEPs are Revolting!!!

A quick review of the UKIP and anti UKIP blogs reveal that some UKIP MEPs are Revolting.

We understand that emails are circulating written by Mike Natrass and others heavily criticising the leadership of Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage for their General Election strategy and post election publicity.

It appears that boasting that UKIP has attracted a significant number of Tory Votes, thereby preventing Cameron from obtaining an overall majority in his own right, presents UKIP as a depository for disillusioned Tories; thereby alienating potential Labour supporters.

We have a tendency to agree.

But then thinking through what he says has never been a strong point of Nigel Farage nor, it appears, his sock-puppet Pearson.

We await developments.

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MontysFreepress said...

Hardly a surprise if this is how UIP allow officials to behave!