Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are UKIP MEPs Banking on the Bankruptcy of the Party?

In early June the Appeal Court will decide whether the judgement made against UKIP concerning illegal donations is upheld or not.

If it is, UKIP could be facing a bill of around £1,000,000

We believe that with the departure of Stuart Wheeler, UKIP is unlikely to be able to pay the debt.

It has been suggested to us by Finance experts that the logical course of action is to allow the Party to go bust and then repurchase it from the Receiver at a 'knockdown' price

Now, we don't know whether the Electoral Commission would allow this (or can even stop it).

This has led us to speculate, whether UKIP MEPs have raised the money or not, they may let the Party fail owing significant debts and then repurchase it again. They may have to use a 'front man or woman' in order to distance themselves from it, thereby claiming no manipulation.

We would suggest that any other interested Parties should consider making the purchase themselves, and prevent the hapless, (and in our view), incompetent, existing MEPS to return; but to use the brand to develop a New re-invigorated Party with new people and a New UK Agenda based on winning seats through Segmentation, Targetting and Positioning as opposed to the current non-strategy of fighting all seats and squandering resources.

We await with interest.

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