Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did Clegg and Cameron have a choice?

Many Liberal Democrats meeting today were upset about the alliance with the Conservatives.

We ask the question however, did they have any choice?

The Party - Yes - but Clegg - No.

Under Clegg's leadership the Party lost seats. There were rumblings about replacing him. This alliance has, in our opinion saved his bacon.

Take the Tories, failing to obtain an overall majority - despite a long serving unpopular Government and a hapless, uninspiring, unelected sitting Prime Minister.

If they had failed to form a Government, Cameron, (we believe) was finished.

The 2 "twins" fate were entwined.

Now we have a Government where the Lib Dems will be absorbed by the Conservative Party providing Great Britain with a 2 Party State again. (Some conspiracy theorists believe we are in a 1 Party state and this is the conduit to formalise it).

The British people have been conned again. Please no-one mention UKIP. Our view is that UKIP is a Shadow Tory Party running to enrich a few select people and providing a depository for disenchanted Tories.
These êx-Tories (Eurosceptics) have been coralled into a Party, which
has zero chance of making any headway because of the unbelievable antics of its leadership. So their impact is neutralised.

Only when another Party comes along, with strong financial backing, an Incorruptable Leader, (not from the Political or Eton/Oxbridge Class) can the British people trust in Politics again.

The question is, does such a Person/Party exist?

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